Our History

TWCA is a non-profit organization registered under Act CAP.337 R.E.2002 on 4th day of November, 2020 to the Registrar of societies Ministry of home affair with registration No. S.A 22204. Membership is open to all women registered as contractors with the Contractors registration board (CRB) in all categories and classes of registration.  

It was registered purposely to provide a platform to women contractors to enhance their capacities, to motivate women through success to join construction industry so as to reduce the gender gap existing in the construction industry, to jointly raise the voice for women to ensure that the women contractors benefits from the 30% of the construction industry pursuant to Section 64 (2) (c) of Public Procurement Act Cap 410 (as amended) and Regulation 30 C of PPR of 2013 (as amended).

Some of the drive problems that led to the formulation of this association includes but not limited:

  1. Lack of necessary working equipment  and plants for women owned companies 
  2. Lack of big projects to build experience 
  3. lack of knowledge in tendering process 
  4. Lack of knowledge in project management and contract management 
  5. Lack of capital - limited access to  financial facilities
  6. High competition for construction projects
  7. Community perception that women cannot do construction   works better than men
  8. Lack of construction projects - mostly taken by foreign contractors